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Redefining the future of virtual events with a globally-accessible, shoppable 3D world.


a cultural icon.

Pioneering the creation of the Metaverse, Complex Networks partnered with us in 2020 to create ComplexLand, an open world video game that combined gaming, fashion, and shopping under one digital roof.

Now a cultural mainstay, in ComplexLand 3.0 users were able to customize their own digital avatar, access their favorite brands & artists, and experience hype drops.

Users could also explore exclusive NFTs, shop limited edition products/collabs, and win prizes as they explored the expansive world of ComplexLand. An unrivalled Metaverse shopping experience - from URL to IRL. 


ComplexCon is a nexus of hyped brands, creators, artists, and consumers. Referred to for years as “the cultural superbowl”, it showed no signs of slowing down. And then the pandemic hit and it had to stop. 

That left a big gap to fill, and raised lots of new questions How do you move an event of that scale from in-person to virtual without losing its hype? How do you turn it into an expansive world and make it globally accessible? How do you help over 60 brands sell inventory while giving fans a mind-blowing experience?


Realizing that trendsetters are increasingly just as interested in their digital identities as their physical ones, we designed ComplexLand: a WebGL-powered open world experience featuring some of the biggest names in art, fashion, music and retail. 

Striking a meaningful connection of game mechanics and street culture while evoking the festival atmosphere, ComplexLand provides a digital space where people can shape their virtual identities and participate in compelling branded experiences. Years after the initial launch of ComplexLand in 2020, its third edition brought even more opportunities for attendees to engage with others in a multiplayer experience, like sharing drops, having one-to-one conversations and even interacting with branded non-playable characters. We also opened the possibility to make NFTs, which creators can use to build their communities and express their identities.

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items sold in
just 5 days.

in USD sold,
w/ some brands selling out
their inventory.


Brands under one digital roof. 

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