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Redefining Identity with 
the World's First AI-Generated Avatar Creation Platform.


A new age of
originality for a
new digital

adidas Originals wanted to drive brand perception as a digital innovator, leading the conversation around what it means to be original today, while hyping the new Ozworld sneaker collection.

We worked with them to create an immersive metaverse experience that unlocked fluidity of self-expression - the world’s first personality-based AI-generated avatars.

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adidas Originals was losing their connection with the gen-z audience and wanted to use their Ozworld Collection as a moment to bring them closer together.

Our bespoke research indicated that 1 in 3 gen-zers feel that their digital expression is their most authentic self. As an enabler of originality, adidas originals has a key role to play in helping people express themselves authentically. The current options to self-express in the metaverse leave much to be desired, as you can either express yourself through a genereic but affordable skin, or an expensive but unique NFT avatar. Let's make adidas Originals the enabler of unique, digital expression in an accessible way. 



Using the five factor model of personality we asked users to answer a few intuitive questions so our AI could learn more about their personality and assemble the avatar accordingly. Resulting in six different geometric avatar bases and with 60 different colours, 24 different materials and 12 different add ins we were able to create over 10.000.000 unique avatar variations. After generating their avatar users could play around with their avatar, download it as a web 2.0 sticker pack and take it to 2.000 different metaverse platforms through a bespoke partnership with the world renowned ReadyPlayerMe.

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Awards 🏆


1X Cannes Lions Awards
Digital Craft - Silver

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The Advertising & Design Club

1x GOLD| Interactive (Design)
4x SILVER| Interactive (Websites)


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